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2007 Honor Roll of Custom Mixes
July 1, 2007, 11:31 pm
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One of the great pleasures of is downloading custom seed mixes from our seed customizer program. I am continually impressed by the amount of research and understanding customers demonstrate in creating custom mixes.To recognize their effort, I am highlighting just a few of the really outstanding mixes we’ve made so far this spring.
First of all, let me point out there is no such thing as a bad custom seed mix. I personally screen every mix. In the rare event I find one that I would not plant in my own yard, I call the customer before mixing. So far the objectionable mixes have always involved mixing species that are not compatible. I have always been able to resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.
Here is my Honor Roll of custom mixes:

Jennifer W from Princeton NJ:
W_Back Mix: 20% each of Princeton 105 bluegrass, Total Eclipse bluegrass, Intrigue chewings fescue, Jasper II creeping red fescue, and Spartan II hard fescue.
This is a very interesting variation of our SS6000 shade mix, with much improved wear tolerance compared to SS6000, and nearly as good shade tolerance. I have a mental picture of Jennifer’s partially shaded back yard with several Great Danes romping on the grass.

Nathan R of Salt Lake City:
Backyard Blend: 40% Blue Velvet, 20% Award, 20% Midnight, 20% Rugby II bluegrass. Nathan obviously studied the NTEP trials, because all 4 of the bluegrasses in his blend were top performers in the Mountain West region where he lives.

Troy B of Huntingtown MD:
Queensbury Mix: 20% Jamestown V chewings fescue, 20% Celestial creeping red fescue, 20% Firefly hard fescue, 10% Brooklawn bluegrass, 10% Sabre III poa trivialis, 10% Supina bluegrass, 10% Dynamo bluegrass. This is another very interesting shade mix. Troy located just about everything in our warehouse that tolerates low light conditions. Poa Supina and Poa Trivialis add wear tolerance and moisture tolerance as well as shade tolerance. Firefly and Celestial are two superior new shade tolerant grasses we introduced this spring.

David W of Dayton OH:
Supreme Blue blend: 20% each of America, Bedazzled, Freedom III, Midnight II, and Total Eclipse. Watch out Dayton! This will be one heck of a front lawn!

Chris of Jefferson City, MO:
Steele Mix: 30% Justice Tall Fescue, 30% Inferno Tall Fescue, 20% Padre Tall Fescue, 20% Award Kentucky bluegrass. Chris identified three great tall fescues and then added Award bluegrass to fill in if the tall fescue fails. Award is rated Very Good in the Transition zone. Missouri is a challenging environment for tall fescue, with frequent summer fungal disease outbreaks. Award bluegrass should enhance Chris’ lawn over time.

Christopher from Naperville IL:
McKnight Sports Mix: 40% Chicago II, 40% Moonlight, 20% Rugby II bluegrass. Wow, that is one dark green lawn.

David M of Hollywood MD:
Shady Gunner Mix: 10% each of Zodiac, Longfellow II, Firefly, Oxford II, Spartan II, Razor, Shadow II, Minotar and 20% Celestial Creeping Red Fescue. David obviously believes in genetic diversity in his fine fescue lawn. If this mix won’t persist in the shade, nothing will!

Jeffrey F from West Hartford CT:
Bedazzled BenSun Blend: 70% Bedazzled, 30% A-34 BenSun. Jeffery combined one of the newest and best bluegrasses, Bedazzled, with A-34, a legendary bluegrass that has performed exceptionally well in the east and mid-west for over a generation. Our friends at Turf Merchants, Inc., the proprietor of these two varieties, would be pleased with Jeffery’s choices.

All the customers who ordered Intrigue chewings fescue:
Although not custom mixes, all the orders we received for Intrigue chewings fescue following the publication of the Science News article on allelopathy (see my blog “Intrigue…a Natural Born Killer) reinforces my belief that homeowners want superior genetics for their lawn.
Drew Kinder